Relationship MOT

This is a coached review of your life together based on information from a questionnaire that will help you:

  • Transition through a new phase of life.
  • Transform your relationships to suit a changed way of living
  • Re-think your life in the new “life integration” model vs the old “work/life” balance
  • Re-set your career momentum and direction
  • Find flexibility with fitness and health goals
  • Start a new business or grow an existing one

The Relationship MOT involves both partners completing a questionnaire that offers a comprehensive review of all elements of your couple relationship.

This is followed up by a 2-hour coaching session where we can go through the information.

Your goal is for you to use the strengths that you have as a couple to tackle the issues that you have identified, with my support.

If you do an MOT on your car every year, why not make time for an MOT on your relationship?


“We decided to go for the Relationship MOT as we were both feeling like our relationship lacked the zing it used to have. Filling in the questionnaire was fascinating and helpful, as well as helping us set some relationship goals to work towards. Your knowledge of how great relationships work gave us confidence in the whole process, and it felt great to celebrate our relationship strengths alongside the work we did with you towards achieving our new relationship goals. It is comforting to know that we have you to come back to in the future if we ever need a top-up!”