Relationship Coaching

Coaching Approach

My approach to coaching is a structured one that is 100% focused on you, the client. There is an initial coaching session in which a goal is set for our coaching work, which is usually 6 sessions in total. These sessions are set and paced according to your requirements and goals.

Coaching is first and foremost a personal experience for you and I am committed to providing a coaching experience where you know and feel that the whole process is built around your specific needs and circumstances.

Flexibility within the structured approach is a key component so that the whole process can be closely matched to your ultimate goal and the results that you want to achieve.

Coaching offers you a structured process which creates the opportunity for you to change your life in any way you wish. It could be you need to find a new way to:

  • Transition through a new phase of life.
  • Transform your relationships to suit a changed way of living
  • Re-think your life in the new “life integration” model vs the old “work/life” balance
  • Re-set your career momentum and direction
  • Find flexibility with fitness and health goals
  • Start a new business or grow an existing one

As your coach I will guide and encourage you in:

  • Defining your overall goal
  • Creating a step-by-step plan to cover the coaching process
  • Drawing on a diverse range of resources to help e.g. coaching tools, scales, visual aids and techniques
  • Reviewing and modifying your plan as we go along
  • Identifying and clearing any blocks
  • Making key decisions & following through!


“Your modus operandi was extremely professional and thoughtfully put to us both. Your recommendation was first class.”