Individual Relationship Counselling

You may be:

  • Happily single, but taking time to explore your relationship issues and what that means for your future relationship dreams?
  • In a relationship, but looking for a supportive space to reflect on the nature/quality of this relationship and how to improve things on your own?
  • Having problems deciding on whether to continue with an on-going relationship (or relationships) that you are in?
  • Looking for a partner, looking for love?
  • Needing support to recovering from a recent break up and help to understand better about what went wrong?
  • Learning to love yourself?

I use the same Emotion Focused Therapy approach to help you make sense of the relationship questions that you have.

I aim to help you create clarity with where you are in yourself about your relationships (past or present), and also, to help you on to move on in your life, whatever you choose to do.


“Highly recommended! Claire helped me to process my emotions and put together a deeper understanding of what has happened to me in my life and how that has impacted on me both positively and otherwise.  I felt very comfortable with Claire, no bias or judgement, just curiosity, compassion and actually, some laughs along the way! ”