Making a commitment

Preparing for Happy Ever After

On average couples spend 1 year planning their wedding day and £20,000 to make it special and memorable. Why not go that extra mile and book up for a relationship check?

Invest a little of your budget to ensure that your marriage is as joyful as your wedding day!

Be Prepared

My work, with couples who are preparing to make a life commitment, consists of a short series of meetings, anything from just one session to three or four.

The questionnaire is a proactive approach to pre-empt problems and prepare you well for enjoying a long and happy relationship with each other.

Before we meet, I will ask you both to complete and return a checklist which will explore your individual attitudes and expectations of relationship issues.

Before we meet I will ask you and your partner (separately) to complete and return a checklist which will explore your individual attitudes and expectations of factors such as:

  • Children and pets
  • Family and friends
  • Finance
  • Domestic arrangements
  • Work
  • Future dreams

The questionnaire will also identify your respective communication styles and emotional expression which are very important features of any couple relationship.

When we meet, we can discuss the results in the context of your experience of one another and check out how your differences work for you, and against you, as a couple. We may go on to meet another 2 or 3 occasions to work on any issues that arise.

Second time around

This is especially true if it is your second-time round for either or both of you.

Usually, second marriages can be a little more complicated, perhaps with children being involved.

This makes the pragmatics of family life exponentially more difficult, so why not go in with eyes wide open and with a robust relationship that will weather the extra considerations second time round.


“Self-development is a common interest for us so we signed up to your Preparing for Happy Ever After service as we planned our wedding. We pride ourselves in our communication and closeness and so it was a surprise (and delight) to learn more about ourselves and each other through the process we had with you. We felt the questionnaire provided a clear starting point and the structured sessions allowed us to work through the small but important issues that had been brought to light. Your professional approach made the process clear and we feel that each session was valuable in itself. But we also loved your manner, relaxed style and sense of humour! We gained a lot and had fun at the same time!”