Many of today’s divorces could be prevented if both parties took steps to work on their marriage before it was too late.

Divorce is usually an attempt to solve a problem that people think can’t be solved in any other way.
Allow me to provide you with an expert third party assessment of the problems and possibilities in your current relationship.

Some divorces are necessary in order to prevent further harm in a destructive relationship (emotional and physical abuse, addictions).
Allow me to support you both onto the relevant help/agencies who will help you both individually towards a better future.

Some divorces are triggered prematurely by a relationship rupture such as an affair.
Allow me to help you both understand the factors that led to the infidelity and look at whether the relationship can be saved (relationships can recover after there has been an affair).

Some divorces are ultimately unavoidable because one party decides on divorce despite the wishes of the other party
Allow me to work with you both towards a more equal and fuller understanding of how things went wrong and how to create an amicable honourable separation.

Client Testimonial

You had the right combination of empathy and professionalism that made me feel that we could trust you with our fears and thoughts, and I found it easier to talk to you than I had expected. Although I found a number of the sessions teeth-clenchingly difficult, I understand why it was necessary to explore sensitive/difficult areas and push us to be honest about them – thank you for your patience.

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