How to get started:

  • When you have decided to make contact with me please email, call or text.
  • We will speak in order to establish if a first meeting is applicable and if it is, then we can book in a first appointment for you.
  • If you are a couple I will make contact with your partner so that there is a 3 way channel of communication from then on.
  • I will ask you to complete a short “client’s details” form providing me with your contact information and some personal details.
  • Once we have finalised the day and the time, I will email you individually to confirm the details of our appointment including the location, times and cost. I will also attach my confidentiality statement and contract of work for your interest only at this stage.
  • When you arrive for your first appointment we will go through the confidentiality statement and all parties will sign 2 copies of this before we get started. One copy is for my records, the second is for yours.
  • The initial appointment for couples is 90 minutes (for counselling) or 2 hours for the making a commitment service. It is 50 minutes for individuals.
  • At the end of the first session we will have agreed of how to proceed i.e. more appointments, an ongoing referral etc.

How the process continues:

  • If we are continuing with any of the services, a short contract will be signed at the next session when clear goals are set for our work together.
  • Every session is planned and has its own mini goals that we make explicit and work towards completing.
  • At the end of each session you are asked to give a short feedback on how useful the session was.
  • Every 4 sessions we do a quick review of the therapy process and this is all to make sure we stay on task and that you feel that the work is effective and producing the changes you are looking for
  • Making a commitment Service is a short process, sometimes with only a 2 hour session required but no more than 3, if there are no underlying niggles.
  • Discernment Counselling is also a short term service lasting between 1 and 4, 90 minute sessions.
  • Some couples come just for the first appointment and get enough from this session to carry on without therapy. Many of these people will choose to come along for a one-off session every few months to keep things on track.
  • Other couples will come along and are ready and suitable to commence EFT work and depending on the severity of their problems, they will attend weekly for 12 – 20 sessions.

The most important point to remember is that every couple is unique and I am ready to tailor my approach and how I see you according to what you need. If in doubt, please phone or email.


For couples: 60 minute sessions are £110 and longer sessions are charged pro rata i.e. £165 for a 90 minute session.

For individuals: 60 minute sessions are £90 and longer sessions are charged pro rata i.e. £135 for a 90 minute session.

Making a commitment session first 2-hour session with questionnaire analysis £250
Subsequent sessions 50 minutes £90

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