Welcome to Relationship Counselling Edinburgh

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh is a private psychotherapy practice based in South Edinburgh and is specifically aimed to work with couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their relationships.

This is an inclusive practice where couples and individuals of all sexual orientation are welcome.

Relationship counselling Edinburgh has a proactive approach to relationships and we are keen to work with couples who wish to learn more about themselves in order to improve their experience of their relationships and increase their sense of enjoyment and happiness with their partners as well as with those who are in relationship crisis.

This proactive approach also to couples who are considering making a formal commitment to one another and who want to pre-empt problems and prepare well for a happy healthy future together.

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh offers therapy in a variety of ways. Typically, clients will be seen on a weekly basis but sometimes this can be twice weekly, if needed. Longer fortnightly sessions and specialist intensive weeks are possible according to client’s preferences and requirements.